Masonry Seal Inc. has been in business for nearly 50 years, manufacturing and distributing one of the finest basement sealants on the market. The MSP-1 formula has been improved upon over the years, as new space-age ingredients become available. MSP-1 is a unique formula that has been tested and proven since the products's inception nearly 50 years ago.

Besides the exclusive MSP-1 formula, the product has been designed to be applied under high-pressure with Masonry Seal's distinctively designed high-pressure spray equipment. No more working in the trenches with brush and bucket on those inclement weather days. This technique and product allows for superb penetration into all types of sub-straights.

Masonry Seal has designed and manufactures the high-pressure spray equipment to fit on a standard designated truck frame.
It is the same proven system that was invented by Masonry Seal in the beginning and is proving itself each and everyday.

Masonry Seal offers our distributors a protected sales and services territory. With a minimum investment in up-front costs, you can be a Masonry Seal distributor/contractor today. Not only are the up-front costs low, but the overhead to run your sealing business will be low also. Imagine sealing a newly constructed basement with the finest of materials in less than one man-hour! We'll help you get started. We'll show you how. Don't delay.

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