The Process

The Crack

Typical hair line crack in a poured wall. A hair line crack is defined as the width of a credit card or smaller at its widest point.

Injection Ports

Injection ports are epoxied over the crack at 1-foot intervals and The entire crack is sealed with epoxy.

The Injection

A 2-part Epoxy or Polyurethane is injected thru the ports under pressure into the crack. This process starts at the bottom of the crack and works its way up from port to port to ensure the crack is completely filled from bottom to top and all the way to the exterior of the wall.

Port Removal

After 24 hours the plastic injection ports can be easily removed by the home owner by gently hitting the ports with a hammer.

Typical Crack Injection Process

Step 1

We epoxy a one-way port every 12″ over the surface of the crack (No drilling needed)

Step 2

We seal the surface of the crack from floor to top of wall with a surface seal epoxy. This keeps the product in the crack during the pressure injection process.

Step 3

We start at the lowest port and begin the low-pressure injection of the material until it comes out the next port up. We then seal off the first port and move to the second. We then continue up the wall with this process to the top of the wall. This process ensures the crack is filled from bottom to the top and from inside to the exterior of the wall.

Step 4

After the product has cured, the ports can be easily removed. What remains is the epoxy surface sealer installed in Step 2.

Step 5

All this work is done from the inside.

No excavation needed.

Step 6

A removable “surface seal” can be ordered if a cleaner finished look is desired at an extra charge.

Do you have cracks in your poured foundation walls leaking water and dangerous soils gasses into your home?

Do you have a poured foundation wall that won’t meet presale inspections because of foundation cracks?

Crack injection by Masonry Seal is the solution!

No exterior excavation needed. All work is done from the inside


Poured wall crack injection is the most effective way to repair foundation cracks from the inside of the foundation. The process involves attaching injection ports every 12 inches along the crack and then sealing the entire crack with a 2 part epoxy. After this is done either an epoxy or urethane product is injected thru the ports into the crack leaving the home owner a water tight seal.

When repairing foundation cracks it is important to realize you are not just stopping an annoying puddle on the basement floor, but you are taking a step to improve your homes ecosystem. Cracks that leak water allow moisture into your home which can lead to mold problems. That mold can pose health risks for your family. Even if the crack is not visibly leaking water, it can still be leaking dangerous soil gases like Radon directly into your home.  According to the EPA, Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and a serious health concern for homeowners. Properly injected cracks can not only stop the water leak it can also provide health benefits to the home’s occupants.



WARRANTY:  Masonry Seal provides a 2 year warranty on all of our crack injection products.


Epoxies are recommended for structural crack repairs. Unlike polyurethane foams, epoxies will not expand. However, they cure to an incredibly hard solid that securely bonds to the concrete making them ideal for structural repairs. Two component epoxies are strong, durable and provide a water tight structural bond. Epoxies also create a more powerful bond than concrete, resulting in an extremely strong structural repair.


Our premium polyurethane structural foam expands inside the crack up to six times its volume to provide a water tight structural bond. This product cures quickly to form a non flexible solid to aid in structural reinforcement.


The most advanced and popular material for repairing a typical leaking foundation crack. It is a truly flexible product when cured, allowing it to expand and contract over time with foundation movement and freeze/thaw cycles. This product expands up to 30 times its volume inside the crack making it an excellent solution for filling large voids in and behind your foundation wall.

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